Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Tourist Guides’ Association!

The Hungarian Tourist Guides’ Association (Magyar Idegenvezetők Egyesülete, MIE) was founded on November 10, 2016 in Budapest.

We aim to

  • Lift the standards of our profession and keep them at a high level at one hand
  • Represent the professional interests of tour guides licensed in Hungary at the other hand

For the sake of the above we meet with professional and political decision makers on a regular basis.

We are permanently cooperating with the most important fellow institutions in the tourism industry both nationwide and abroad.

The Hungarian Tourist Guides’ Association is very keen on the professional level of its members which we are ensuring by organizing trainings as well.

Our Association expects all of its members to comply with its Code of Ethics.

We provide professional help or if it becomes necessary, legal assistance to tour guides licensed in Hungary.

In case it is needed we can also refer to any enquirer one of our high standard tour guide members or you can look them up in our „Tourist Guide Search” register list on your own.

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